“My favorite thing about these boxes is the brand of safety glasses. Have been buying Edge glasses separately for a year before this. I also got my new favorite tool as an HVAC installer, the sweetest little wire cutter I never thought I needed or wanted! definitely a big hit with me. Highly suggested.”

-Kevin S.

“If you are tired of worrying about safety equipment that you need on the jobsite that really should be provided by your company but isn’t then I recommend getting GangBoxed !!! They got you covered from everything from gloves to hand tools . One box, no driving, good price!!!”

-Brandon E.

“I’ve been a customer since the first box, and I love it! I get a stock pile of new tools, PPE, accessories, clothing. You name it, you will get it with Gangboxed. There is a bunch of things I’ve gotten, that I didn’t even know I needed. Great deal, worth every penny.”

-Kevin T.

“I own air masters heating and air conditioning and order these boxes for all my employees and me. We all love to get the surprise present every month! Every time I open it there’s stuff in there that I want or need. I’ve never been disappointed, would highly recommend this.”

-Justin S.

“With an approximate value of $60 which is double the cost of the box, I would say is a great deal but that would not matter if they sent a bunch of stuff valued at 60 bucks that was un-usable for my husbands trade because they claim this box is for “All construction workers” and it was he can and will use every single item we got. I saw a lot of the other boxes on their site and they all looked really really cool so all in all I would say that yes this is a box to check out if you are in any construction field. If you would like to check out Gang boxed please click the link below.”

-Nicole @ notatreereviews.com

“GangBoxed is amazing! My fiance looks forward to getting his box every month he couldn’t be happier!!!!”

-Christine G.

“Every month I look forward to my box arriving and seeing what it’s inside! All the items can be used in the field and the thermal socks for January can in the clutch! I love gangboxed!”

-Matt W.