Frequently Asked Questions

When will my subscription renew?

Subscriptions renew on the 11th of the month every month until you cancel.

When will my GANGBOXED arrive?

Our boxes are shipped out in the first week of the following month. If you sign up after the end of the previous month your box will be shipped the following month.

How do you decide which items to send?

All items in our boxes are hand picked by our team who have been in the field and know the items that are necessary. We correspond what we pick with the season to make sure you aren’t getting winter hats in the middle of summer. You will be getting at least two forms off ppe per month and will make sure that you do not get 5 straight months of earplugs. We will rotate the pope to insure you always have new and safe products.

How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

First off, thank you for giving GANGBOXED a shot.
If you haven’t already, canceling is easy–and so is skipping your next renewal (essentially putting it on PAUSE). Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your account on the top-right side of our website
  2. Navigate to “Update Your Information” on the left panel and click on “Edit”
  3. “Cancel Subscription” (at the bottom of the page)
  4. OR click on “Skip Next Renewal,” which saves you on paying for a month, but keeps you in the loop for future boxes. You can keep skipping until you’re ready to renew.

What trades can benefit from GANGBOXED?

Any trade can benefit from GANGBOXED. You will be receiving items that aren’t just for a carpenter, or plumber… these items are designed for any tradesman in any field.

How do I continue receiving my GANGBOXED after my gift subscription ends?

Login to your account, and go through the normal checkout process. The new subscription will be added to your old account.

I'm a business selling items that would be a good fit for your niche! How can I contact you?

We love working with small- or home-based businesses and suppliers. Please send us more information about your business and product(s) to If we can get a sample, that would help in our decision-making and curation process.

I’m a construction worker and have some great product ideas for your subscription. How can I contribute?

Just shoot me an email my friend. please contact us at and share your product idea(s). We are always open to new ideas here at GANGBOXED. We give the people what they want!