About Us


My name is Jonathan Abraham and I am a carpenter foreman out of local 264 from Milwaukee, WI. I came up with the idea of GANGBOXED one day while i was working. I could barely see out of my cheap, scratched safety glasses. My work gloves were full of holes and falling apart. After a long day in the heat the last thing i wanted to do was drive to the office or the store to get new gear.I thought to myself “how nice it would be if I could have quality gloves and safety glasses and the other ppe I need delivered to my house regularly.” So I started doing research, contacted big names in the industry, saved up some money, and launched the only subscription box service built for construction workers… GANGBOXED!


Our main goal is to keep our fellow brothers and sisters in the trades as safe as possible by hooking you up with at least two forms of PPE a month. Safety isn’t all we specialize in though. We know what you want! It doesn’t matter if you are an electrician, plumber, landscape, laborer… our subscriptions are universal for any trade. You will get a variety of tools, apparel, and other gear that any tradesman can use. We are not trying to peddle you cheap crap. We want to hook you up with items that will be useful on the job, useful at home, or anywhere!


Our vision is simple… We know first hand how hard you work. We want to make your life easier and we want to keep you safer. We do that by delivering you the gear you want and need straight to your door every month! So take your boots off, kick your feet up, and sign up for the only subscription box that is built by construction workers for construction workers. GANGBOXED


Jonathan Abraham